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Optic Core Technique

Optic Core Technique

Optical Lens Design

  • Self-Optical Lens Design Technique
  • Various optical design experiences
    – Instant Camera Viewfinder Lens
    – Capsule Endoscope Lens
    – Laser Scanning Unit of Laser Printer (Mono/Color LSU)
    – Vehicle Camera Lens
    – Vehicle Headlight Lens
    – AR/VR Large Scale HUD Mirror
    – Digital Camera Zoom Lens
    – LED Lighting Lens

Lens Mold

  • Close Partnership with domestic ultra-precision mold companies
    – High Quality/Delivery Possible
  • Close Partnership with domestic superior Optical Institute
    – National Project Joint Research
    – Joint Development of Optical
  • Core Machining Technique Own Machining Shop Operation
    – Quick Mold Modification

Lens Injection Molding

  • Own Precision ElectricInjection Molding Machines
    (Fanuc, Sumitomo etc.)
  • Self-manufacturing of Optical Automation Facilities
    – Gate Cutting M/C, Bonding M/C
    – Sorting M/C, Lens Assembly M/C
  • Optimization by Flow Analysis
    – Reducing Cycle Time, Birefringence
  • Multi AR Coating Facilities

Measurement & Core Compensation

  • Own Form Error Measurement Facilities
  • Measurement & Analysis Technique
  • Korea’s Best & Unique Technology
    – 3D Surface Shrinkage Compensation
    – Development Own Compensation S/W by Government Support(2017~2018
    – 3D Measurement Jig Design
    – 3D Surface Nonlinear Curve Fitting S/W
  • Production of 3D Freeform Surface Lens
    – Mono/Color LSU f-theta Lens
    – HUD Mirror