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Core Technologies

Core Technologies

Automated System Design for Lens Module Manufacturing

  • LENS GATE CUTTING M/C design / development
  • First introduction of heat cutting method in Korea (Holding a total of 5 patents)
  • Above 98% domestic market share
  • Pioneer for automated manufacturing system for mobile lens in Korea

Automated System Design for Contact Lens Manufacturing

  • Contact Lens Auto In-Line M/C design & development (Sealing M/C, Packing M/C, Semi Assembly M/C)
  • Pioneer for automated manufacturing system for contact lens manufacturing in Korea

Optical Design and Manufacturing

  • Optical lens mold technology
  • Manufacturing and injection production / automated assembly line
  • Multi AR Coating Technology
  • Mobile phone lens modules of 5M/8M/13M pixels / viewfinder lens module / LSU optical system / small lens module for capsule endoscope / micro lens array

Machining Shop & Quality Control

  • Own Machining Shop
    – Short delivery time / price competitive
    – Design parts self-processing
    – Uniform quality control of part precision
  • Design and manufacture of various tools
    – Satisfying customer needs