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Neo Hana Tech provides Automated Manufacturing Solutions for Precision Optical Products

with our Own Technologies of Optical Design and Manufacturing to Facilitate Manufacturing Difficulties in Optical Industry

Optical Automation System

  • Best Technologies In the World for Plastic Lens Gate Cutting M/C and Above 98% Domestic Market Share
  • Automated System Development Technologies : Gate Cutting M/C, Automated Assembly M/C, Automated Inspection M/C for Mobile Phone Lens Module and Voice-Coil Motor(VCM)
  • Accomplished First Time Development of Automated System for Overall Contact Lens Manufacturing Process In Korea
  • Samsung Electronics, Samsung Electro-Mechanics, LG Innotek and Other Domestic Major Optical Companies – Huge Number of Equipment Deliveries

Optical Manufacturing

  • Automated Manufacturing Facilities & Technologies
    Smart Phone Camera Lens Module, Viewfinder, Optical Engine of Beam Projector, Al Mirror, Laser Scanning Unit(LSU) for Laser Printer
  • Manufacturing Technologies for Various Surface Types
    LED TV Direct Lens, Freeform Mirror for HUD/HMD, f-θ Lens for LSU,
    Large Projection Lens for Vehicle Headlight
  • Optical Design and Lens Mold Technologies
    – 3-Dimensional Freeform Lens Design having Large Effective Diameter & Shape Correction Technology
    – Small Lens Module for Capsule Endoscope, Micro Lens Array for Optometrist, LSU f-θ Lens